FAQ / Help

People are not joining the Colony anymore.

Do you have enough living space?

People require living space. If you have none left, they will not join your colony.

Do you produce enough food?

Your colonists need food, or they will leave the colony. If there is no or not enough food produced, they won't even join.

Have you limited the number of inhabitants?

You can limit the count of inhabitants on your colony. Make sure, this number is big enough.

I got homeless people, although I have enough living space.

Disable a less important building and enable it again. Because the population is recalculated in this step, the homeless should disappear. If they don't, please contact an Administrator.

How do I change my name?

On the top left, you can see your current name. Click on it, and a menu will show. There select "Settings". You will be forwarded to the page, where you can edited your account settings, including your name.

How do I change the name of my colonies/ships/stations?

The name of the object you are currently on, is shown on the top left. Double click it, and an input field will appear, where you can change the name.

How do I add color to my names?

The colors are generated with HTML. (W3Schools HTML 5 Tutorial)