First steps


In the top left corner, you can see you current name (top row) and the alliance you are in (bottom row). On left side of those rows are two buttons. One leads to the settings and the other leads to your profile.

In the top right corner is your current time and the amount of Credits you have.

Between both of them is the main navigation menu. You can get everywhere over this menu.
  • Maindesk: Overview over your account and you colonies.
  • Fleet: All of you ships.
  • Stations: All of your stations
  • Research: The research screen, that allows you to discover new materials and technologies.
  • Trade: An overview over you trade account and the public market.
  • Alliance: The alliance you are in.
  • Intercomm: The main social area of the game. There you can communicate with other players.
  • DARWS: Database, News overview, history, ...

The first own world


Main article: Colony
On the Maindesk you have a button with the title "Request colony". Click on it and you will be forwarded to a list of planets which are suitable for colonization.
After you decided which planet will host you first colony klick on "Colonize" and place you HQ.

Constructing new buildings

It is important, that you always have enough living space on your colonies. You have to take good care of your energy too.

To construct a new building, you can click on any field of a colony, and then on the button "Construction".

If you would like to terraform a field, you can click on the button "Terraforming".

Understanding the values

All the values (green, red, and grey number) in Space Wars represent the daily production or consumption of a certain good.


Main article: Ship
Spaceships are the primary method of travel and transport throughout Space Wars. They come in many different forms and each faction has its own palette.

They can be constructed in a Shipyard or a Spaceport. But first, you will have to create a blueprint for the class.


Main article: Research