All the solarsystems, nebulas and asteroidfields can be found on the map. In addition, the sensors allow you to see the amount of signatures emitted by ships and stations.

The borders of nations are also visible.


The map has a size of 2000 by 2000 fields.

The size of a system depends on its star or anomaly.

SystemDimension (X x Y)
White Dwarf11 x 11
Quasar11 x 11
Subspace rupture11 x 11
Black hole21 x 21
Yellow dwarf21 x 21
Red dwarf21 x 21
Orange dwarf21 x 21
Blue giant25 x 25
Red giant25 x 25
Orange giant25 x 25
Red ubergiant31 x 31
Blue ubergiant31 x 31