Each user is allowed to have one active account. The use of multiple accounts by the same user is not allowed and will result in removal of all involved accounts.


The right of owning an account in this game cannot be demanded in court, further, there is no compulsion to own an account in this game.


It is allowed to take care of a friends account. The intention of Account-Sitting is to keep an account alive, while its owner is on holidays or otherwise not available. Once the sitting has ended, you should change the password for your own security.

If a sitting happens, the Administration has to be informed about it.


The password has to be kept secret. Except for the sitting.

If you ask somebody for his/her password, outside of sitting, you will be blocked for one day. If the password is given away, outside of sitting, all involved accounts will be blocked for at least one days.

Shared internet connection

If multiple players use the same internet connection, it has to be reported to the Administration.


Ever kind of name is allowed, provided it shows no extremist, illegal, criminal, sexual, offensive, abusive content.

The use names to distribute messages is not allowed.


Netiquette on Wikipedia
Who wants to play Space Wars has to show a certain amount of decency.

Insults, Racism, etc.

Insults, except in RPG, can lead to a block of 12 hours. This rule is deactivated for one day (24 hours), if there was an aggressive action of the insulted beforehand.

Racism will result in a block at least 5 days, with no exception.

Bashing, Farming, etc.

Bashing players repeatedly will result in a block of 5 days.

Farming players repeatedly will result in a block of 5 days.

Flaming, Spamming, etc.

Flaming and Spamming is not allowed and can lead to a block of 3 days.

Bug using

If you find a bug, you have to report it to the Administration over PM, Mail or contact form[/form].

The use of a bug to you own benefit can lead to removal of your account, but at least to a block of 2 days.


If you tell one or more other players about a bug, so they can benefit it but without using it your own, you are guilty of assistance. This will result in a block of 2 days.


If a bug is used to acquire data of players or the game, it is considered as hacking ([link:]Hacker on Wikipedia
). Depending on the extent, it is up to the Administration if legal action is taken.

Acquiring data and information

The acquisition of data which does not belong to one, is not allowed, and can result in removal of the account of legal action.

Automated collection of data

The automated collection of data, and information and the use of it is without consent of the Administration not allowed.

The decision, when an automated collection exists is decided by the Administration.


It is strictly prohibited to hack the servers of the game or the database. In any case, the account will be removed. In repeated or extreme cases, the Administration reserves the right to take legal action.


It is up to the Administration to modify the rules, to match the current situation. Everyone who finishes the registration process and activates his/her account accepts the rules.


Private messages (PMs) are stored and viewed when necessary.

Ignorance is no excuse.

Suspicious moments are enough.

Interpretation of the rules

These rules act as a guideline. How they are applied is up to the administration.

Cumulation of penalties

The duration of new penalties will be appended to the duration of existing and active penalties. Each point counts individually.

If the duration of one month is exceeded, the account will be removed.

Administrators, Moderators, Tester

Handing out data an information

It is not allowed for administrator, moderators, and testers, to give away data and information from and about players.

An exception is, when this data or those information is required by judicial request.