You can build spaceships on colonies and stations.


Ships can be moved by clicking on the field on the sensors. Foreach field you fly, you need energy.

You can also move the ship with the keyboard.
w > Up
a > Left
s > Down
d > Right


Workless people on colonies can be used as crew for ships. You can beam () them from your colony to the ship.


As fuel the ships use Deuterium, Plasma or Antimatter. Each one of those goods has a different power output.
The good with the best values for Energy production is used prefered. Therefore it is Antimatter before Plasma before Deuterium.


Main article: Colonisation
Available option at colonisation.
You have to build a coloniser (first shipclass in the list), if you want to settle on a new colony.

Then you can choose a planet, fly into orbit with the ship, and press the Colonise-Option (letter "C") on the sensors.


It is possible to attack someone by clicking on the attack button () in the CRS (). The attacker always gets the first shot.

Based on the configuration of the ships it has to activate its systems first (yellow alert), it can fire back immediately (red alert) or it will not react (green alert).

A ship can also fire multiple time, depending on the weapons it has installed.


If you want to group multiple ships, you can use a fleet. You create one clicking "found fleet" on one the ships. You can add the other ships to the fleet, using the menu on the fleet overview.

If a member of the fleet get involved into combat, the entire fleet will respond.


Main article: Sensors


Shuttles are small "boats" that can be assembled in any type of yard. You can use them for risky missions, if you don't want to spend an entire cruiser.