Trade routes

Trade routes can be initiated by an object that owns a Trade-HQ.

Creating a trade route

To create a trade route you require a ship that is stationed at the object. Then you go to the Trade-HQ.

On a colony you click on it and the window appears offering you the option "Trade route". Click this option an you will be forwarded to the trade route menu.

In this menu you can choose the type of the partner object - the one you will trade with - and the ship you want to use.

After you submitted the destination an the freighter, you will be able to choose the goods that shall be exchanged. It is possible for an amount to be zero, but always give a good. (e.g. 0 Food, otherwise the system won't accept it.)

Submit those settings too and the trade route will become active instantaneously.

Removing a trade route

To remove a trade route you simply have to push the red button "end".

This has to be done at the place the route was initiated.